As the business casual trend becomes the norm in many offices; many companies and brands still want their employees to wear a uniform which suitability represents the brand and company.

Whilst some employees may feel that they lose their own personal identity when wearing a uniform, there are many reasons that having a uniform in the workplace is not only great for the business brand identity but also for the employees.

The trick to ensuring that employees love their uniform is to get their input when branding and designing and to ensure that you choose good quality, comfortable and stylish products.


Uniforms Unite

 Whether wearing a uniform for work or to play sport when the “team” wears the same clothing they have a sense of unity which will help with team morale and encourage healthy team spirit. Staff feel that they identify with the company and with their peers which will lead to better team spirit and a willingness to be work as part of a team.



Branding is very important for every company as something as simple as the colours in our branding will enable a customer to recognise your business. Having staff in branded uniforms will ensure that they are recognisable to customers but will also ensure that your company is recognisable each time staff wear the uniform.

When choosing a uniform, think about which colours you can pick from  your branding to ensure it gets your company noticed.


Staff Advantage

From the employee’s perspective having a uniform can be cost effective and means that getting ready for work is less stressful and time consuming as there isn’t the hassle of having to choose an outfit for work each day.

A well thought out, smart uniform can also increase employee confidence, which is a great asset both for the company and employee especially in customer facing roles.

Staff are also more likely to represent the company in a positive manner if wearing a uniform as they are easily identifiable.

Health and Safety

There are many industries where a uniform is a necessity due to the nature of the job; the police force, fire fighters and ambulance crew are some of the more obvious. Construction workers, some factory and manufacturing workers and even some retailers require uniforms that are necessary to ensure employee safety; these can include high visibility clothing, hard hats and the relevant footwear.

Whilst this type of uniform is necessary, companies can put their own stamp on them by personalising the clothing with logos etc.

How Advance Printwear Can Help

You can download our Workwear Catalogue here and, if you are looking a polo shirts or sports team kits then you can take a look here. Have a browse through our extensive catalogue to see the variety of products that we offer, we do of course offer branding and personalisation on the products.  If you do have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us which you can do here.