A look at how charitable organisations may choose to have t-shirts printed for fun runs and other fundraising events.

Get Seen

Digital fanatics that would find it hard to live in a world where there was no internet access may find it hard to see the sense in more traditional methods of marketing such as using flyers and billboard advertisements. Of course, charities that move with the times are bound to not only use various digital marketing methods but also tried and tested techniques to help promote their brand message. Charitable groups who choose to contact one of the more reputable suppliers of printwear such as t-shirts with the brand message of their clients on the front and back should be able to find a solution to their needs. Having said that, rather than being too impressed with the first provider of printing services for various types of clothing including quality t-shirts, it is wise to take out time with the selection process. It goes without saying that charities that truly care about their cause will not want to waste what little funds they may have on charity t-shirt printing items that do not serve their purpose.

Raising Cash

One thing that many of the established providers of printwear will do is offer heavily discounted printed t-shirts and other garments for the charity groups they deal with. On top of that, lots of companies specialising in printed clothing are able to provide an impressive custom printing service for all the customers they have in their client base. Of course, individuals with a big heart that would like to start their own charity may need to carry out some extensive research so they can realise their ambition. And once charitable people have decided on what cause they will raise cash for, they should start to think about things like retention, marketing and communications. Guides on how to create a blog for your charity and similar sites are ideal for internet-savvy folk who wish to make a difference in the world as they can learn how to support their charity with well-written blogs. However, the t-shirt printing company we finally decide to go with to create eye-catching printed designs for our first fun run is something we may need to get advice on.


Although it is often clear to see why anyone may decide to take up a crusade regarding people or animals that do not seem to have much luck in life, there are sometimes less obvious motives for people that take part in charity events. Of course, people that are carrying too much weight after an eventful festive period may be tempted to go on a mini-marathon in aid of one of their favourite charities so they can drop a few pounds. Indeed, the sometimes coined “Fit Fundraiser” is a fantastic way to kill two birds with one stone — whilst training might not be your idea of fun, you might as well take some of the pain away by using it to raise some cash. And by ensuring the printwear company we choose to have t-shirts printed for our run or other event is reliable, everything should turn out well. Indeed, the more experienced suppliers of custom printing solutions are more than capable of helping with the designs of the messages the charities would like to convey.

Size Counts

One thing that is certainly part of the services of reputable suppliers of printwear is making sure the t-shirts they provide are the right size for their customers. Of course, it goes without saying that individuals or charity groups that order a huge amount of t-shirts for events are not going to be impressed if the tops do not fit the people that will be helping to raise money for a good cause. One way to avoid these situations would be to look online for the options we have in suppliers of printed t-shirts in a wide range of sizes and designs. With regards to being able to decide on the kind of charity we may want to get involved with, some online research should pay off, in the long run, various other websites can provide invaluable insight into the different types of charity fundraising that people from all walks of life could get involved with.