Not every construction business takes the decision to have a set of clothing in place for it’s day to day activities, otherwise known as a work uniform, workwear or personalised workwear.

When making this decision companies can have many considerations such as; sector, activity, safety, number of employees, country, etc. A work uniform, like anything else, has it’s advantages and disadvantages, some see a uniform as very serious, official and bureaucratic but a uniform can also mean unity, professionalism, and an extension of a companies brand.

In essence a work uniform can be as creative and expressive as you’d like, this goes far beyond the embroidering of a polo shirt with your logo, but the closer understanding of what makes your company different and consequently how your company is different to your competitors, what makes it unique, what activities are you performing? – which can all be communicated through your personalised workwear.


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Many types of businesses in many different sectors opt for a personalised uniform, it speaks volumes of your companies professionalism and it also has many other benefits such as making your staff feel part of a coordinated team. It’s also easier than deciding what is the company staff uniform policy. Construction companies see the benefits of having a work uniform in place, for instance it’s great for safety such as a hi-vis vest, and it makes sense to provide your staff with clothes that protect and enable them to complete their job safely reducing the possibility of injury.

Here’s 4 great reasons for having a work uniform:

Everybody can feel equal

A uniform can help to alleviate the potential of someone thinking that someone else is better than them, everybody feels equal and there’s more of a sense of togetherness, it also helps to eliminate any negative thoughts with elitism from what people are wearing, think of schools, fast food businesses, restaurants, high street shops. It also eliminates the possibility of someone wearing inappropriate clothing, whether this be a safety issue or a t-shirt with an inappropriate slogan for example.

Representing your company

Otherwise known as your brand, a work uniform, represents your company and so each time a member of staff is working for you they are a walking advert for your company. Your personalised clothing is an extension of your brand and a chance to let people see how you’re different and the values you hold as a company.

The professional image

Just like having a business card, a website, personalised vehicles – uniformed staff gives a sense of professionalism. This isn’t just the impression your customers will have but studies show that workers change their attitude when they wear a work uniform. They are in work mode rather than a non-work state of mind which can aid productivity, workers can become more responsible and take pride in their duties.

Build your team

Workers that wear the same clothes have a sense of togetherness and the feeling like they belong. This can enhance their sense of pride within themselves and the tasks they perform for your company.

Whether you need a set of branded polo shirts and hi-vis vests, or you wish to roll out a workwear uniform across your company in 2017 download our workwear brochure – it’s full of practical workwear that can be branded and if you need some advice do call us on 0121 322 2111 – we’d be delighted to help!