If you’re looking to start your own clothing brand, produce a number of T-shirts for your fan base, promote your brand or you’re simply interested in the various printing techniques for garments, then this article is a good start to get an understanding of one of the most popular printing techniques: the screen printing clothing method.  

What is Screen Printing?

The technique of screen printing t-shirts is often called a form of art due to its meticulous nature. The reason lies in the fact that each colour has to be individually applied to the printing surface. This technique involves using a stencil (or ‘’screen” as most of the industry specialists call it) that applies one single colour at a time. If the design uses more colours, then more stencils will be created to apply the other colours.  

Benefits of Using the Process of Screen Print for T-shirts:

  • Create vibrant designs for your t-shirts;
  • Long-term lifespan and quality are ensured;
  • Authentic and sleek finish;
  • Scalability – if your batch is larger, the price you pay is smaller;
  • Large volumes of t-shirts are printed in only a matter of time;
  • No margin of error when it comes to matching your print colour.

Should I Use Screen Printing Services for my T-shirts?

Over the years, screen printing t-shirts have been ideal for those who wanted to produce large quantities of t-shirts. As you could tell already, given its detailed approach, screen printing is slightly more costly as compared to other techniques. The quality of the machines used in the process has an impact as well on the overall efficiency of the process. Our goal is to ensure our clients that their order comes in a timely and efficient manner while the quality of the products remains high.

We also recommend a screen printing service for works that have a large design and require a high level of vibrancy, or when using black or other dark coloured garments. The reason why screen-printing dark t-shirts is preferred to any other technique lies in the fact that the ink is applied in more than one layer of colour which, in turn, ensures the overall high quality of the t-shirt.

So What Do You Need to Remember?

  • Think about your designs: are your t-shirts going to use bold graphics?
  • Are you going to print typographic t-shirts?
  • Is your design minimalistic and uses only a limited amount of colours?
  • Are you looking to produce more than ten t-shirts?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, then you might want to have screen-printed t-shirts then.  Head over to our t-shirt printing page and get inspired!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a message or comment below if you have any questions.