Work Polo Shirts Vs Work T-shirts.

by Jul 4, 2019

With a history of over 100 years, the polo shirt has become one of the most popular choices for office wear due to its minimalistic yet comfortable and sleek fit. And let’s face it: as soon as you put a polo shirt on, it makes you look like a real professional. Small companies or big corporates, they all seem to have a penchant for this design.

Why do businesses prefer personalised polo shirts?

We’ve seen it too: we have helped a lot of clients from schools or universities, sports teams to organisations or other businesses, and they all had in common one thing: branded polo shirts. Whether it was printed polo shirts or embroidered ones that a business has chosen, the sleek design that a polo shirt carries seems to represent the piece that unifies a brand vision under a common aesthetic. If you are a business owner, you have probably considered that polo shirts could be a nice touch to the team you are managing.

An empowering symbol for your team 

Branded Polo shirts have the power to make a team feel like they are part of something great and unique. We, humans, thrive on feeling like we are part of a group which we identify with. Knowing that we contribute to building or achieving something great while being in synergy with other team members, leads to an increase in the overall teams’ performance. A branded polo shirt is not only an item that a team shares with each other but it takes the role of a symbol of success. 

Embroidered or Digital?

When it comes to the logo, personal preference comes into play. You could be a fan of either embroidered designs or the digitally printed ones. Whichever method you prefer, you will never go wrong with a classic fit.

What about my Logo? 

There isn’t a right or wrong answer for which type of design you should print. Over the years, we have seen clients go for all sorts of styles. A simple logo of the business is, as you might have guessed, one of the most popular choices for personalised polo shirts. But you’re not limited to this: try your business name if you want to be more minimalistic and effective, a strap-line to get people curious about your brand, or the name of your marketing name along with a hashtag to drive people to your brand.

The Verdict.

Polo shirts are for those who prefer the classic, smart and timeless fit. Whether they are for your team members at your workplace, your school pupils or teachers, the members of your society or university or your sports team, you should definitely consider one. Have a look at our t-shirt printing options to get an idea.


Work Branded T-shirts

While polo shirts stand the test of time and still have a great impact today, T-shirts are more casual and include more styles. While polo shirts are recommended to be worn during formal events or formal situations, T-shirts are still a popular choice for many of the business owners, club members or other organisations. So why is that? Answer: being modern. We are all different and have our own preferences. This means that some of us prefer classic fits while others prefer modern ones. Your business is going to influence this as well:  if you are going for a laid back approach, or you don’t necessarily need your team members to look overly formal, then you might go for branded t-shirts.

You should go for Printed T-shirts if:

  • Your team members are going to attend a sales or promotional event; Think who your audience is again and figure out which style would be best suitable for the event. If it’s strictly a business event, you might want to reconsider a branded polo shirt.
  • A large group event might call for printed T-shirts. If it’s a charity or an outdoor marketing event, t-shirts seem more suitable than polo shirts.

If your business is looking for a reliable printed t-shirt provider, you’ve got your back. You can find more information about all the different techniques by visiting our t-shirt printing page.