How we embroider a logo onto workwear

by Apr 24, 2017

Our customers often asked us how we produce embroidered garments for workwear, staff uniforms, corporate clothing and promotional clothing.

We’ve put together this insightful video that shows you how we embroider a logo onto workwear in a few simple steps. Our customers love the quality finish and durability of the embroidery on their workwear.

About embroidering a logo onto workwear

Embroidery is the process which uses thread to sew a digital design such as a logo onto a garment, the latest computerised embroidery machines are used to produce a high quality, professional and durable finish.

The process initially involves digitising your logo which means we use the latest computer software to manually redraw your logo so it can be read by our industrial high end embroidery machines. Once your logo is digitised we frame up your garment which is placed into the embroidery machine. Once fitted tightly in place we can start the embroidery process which uses a combination of thread colours to form the final logo design on the garment.

Once embroidery has been completed the garment is removed from the embroidery machine and checked to make sure they meet our high quality standards which makes sure every embroidered garment is to the highest professional standards making your garment long lasting and durable.

Embroidered workwear

Garments such as polo shirts, fitted shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, overalls, jackets – almost all workwear clothing types – are suitable to embroider your logo. Embroidered Polo Shirts in particular are our most popular product that we produce here at Advance Printwear, they are long lasting, fit well and are comfortable, easy to wash with a variety of sizes, colours and material mixes and with an embroidered logo look extremely smart and professional.

You can read more about our staff uniform embroidery services, find your ideal garment, contact us or just call 0121 322 2111 and we’ll be delighted to help you.