Conference Gifts That Actually Make An Impact In 2019

by Aug 22, 2019

If your next conference or business exhibition is around the corner and you want to really get your brand out there in an effective way, then you probably know that the good old pencils are a thing of the past and you have to bring your game to the next level.

In a world where we interact with so many products and brands daily, it is really hard to make a difference and make your message stick. Did you know that only 2% of the advertising messages we see on a daily basis stick with us? So you must see why you really need to get it right?

When it comes to making a list of all the freebies you want to give away at events, your first thought should be ‘”is that product going to be used most of the time? Is it practical? Is it going to be put in front of more than one pair of eyes?” Pens were a great way but when everyone is constantly using their phones tablets and laptops to take notes and whatnot, who really uses pens anymore?

We compiled a list of top 5 best merchandise ideas for conferences and exhibitions that are going to turn your event into a success.

Personalised Canvas bags

Our #1 pick for a great event merch idea is promotional tote bags! In line with staying ethical and supporting plastic waste, tote bags are an excellent addition to any household. People use them for various reasons: shopping, carrying groceries, packing lunch for work, just to name a few. Think about it: your brand and message plastered on a wide bag that’s being carried around so many people. The key way to make it really stand out is to think of a message that is going to attract people’s eyes (We’ll leave that to you, but get as creative as you can. ) The reason they work is that they look trendy and can be versatile in their practicability. You can literally put whatever you want in that bag and still look cool. 

Fitness Phone Cases

The second pick of our favourite practical & cheap promotional products are phone cases you can attach to your arm while you run. They are a lifesaver for many people who enjoy running and fitness, and because pretty much everyone is taking that direction now, you can see why fitness phone cases are going to be a hit. Whether you are running in a park or at the gym, your brand is still going to be shown in front of a lot of people. The focus is on creating a small but effective message as you don’t have a lot of space on a fitness phone case. 

Water bottles with holders

Our third pick is probably one you already have on your desk? (If not, a friendly reminder to stay hydrated!) Water bottles are on the rise now and everyone is going crazy for them. You will have probably seen them in your office, on your way back in the train and buses, in the library and just about everywhere else. But what matters here is picking a water bottle that looks good too. Functionality is everything but if you are going to carry a bottle with you every day, you might want that to look good too (Without bragging, we think ours are pretty good looking too) You will have more space than the phone cases and you can think of a message that will fit on the bottle.

Coffee/Tea Cups

And our last exhibition freebie to enter our list is… coffee (or tea) cups! It’s an obvious one but it’s also so practical! Most of us are rushing to get to work early in the morning and how else can we get that daily energy booster if not with a good old cup of coffee? And the good thing is that most cafes now are also encouraging people to bring their use reusable cups instead of using new ones (we’re talking being ethical again) So why not get your brand on one of those coffee cups? In trains, train stations, at work… that’s hundreds of people who will see your brand. Think of a catchy message again and you’ve got a great promotional product do its job.

Regardless of which one you are going to pick, we can help you with all of your printing needs. In our catalogue, you will find a wide selection of items, from different big brands, that could be what you were looking for. You can always contact our team to find out more about what we do and how we do things.