Starting a Custom Gymwear Business & What You Actually Need to Survive

by Aug 15, 2019

We’ve all seen it, it’s everywhere in the culture we live in today. We are surrounded by tons of messages that contradict each other: get healthy, but try that new restaurant with food that is filled with all of that bad unhealthy stuff. The constant pressure of striking a natural balance between all the stress that comes from our daily lives (school, jobs, family and so on) and still maintaining an active life is put at the forefront of our eyes every time we go out. Ads, billboards, videos, IG models, you know it. This is why in the last 10 years, there has been an influx in the promotion of gym wear, healthy food supplements, gym equipment, new exercising programmes and so on. And this is a positive thing: we live in a constant change, where our lives are becoming more and more difficult and complex. It’s just pure evolution.

So this might tell why your gym wear is still an overgrowing trend and it won’t die too soon. More and more people are adhering to staying active and joining a gym or other places to stay fit. And because we are individuals with different tastes that enjoying feeling good in garments that align with our core values, gym clothing brands are relevant.


So what do you need?

Connect your brand with ALL the AUDIENCES.

Well, not all of them, but the ones that you want to reach. You must think marketing here (This is not going to be a 101 Marketing lesson, we promise). Think about your favourite brand. How does it connect with you? How does it make you feel? What does it communicate? You don’t need huge marketing campaigns or ads, but you need to know how to tap into your customer’s hearts. Be natural when you communicate what your brand represents and you can do this using tailored mottos, pictures, sharing stories. After all, you’re starting small and this is the first way to get that audience right. Before you start designing your own sportswear, you need to think customers first then tie all the creative strings into a single knot that encompasses what your audience wants!


Have realistic expectations.

We’ve just mentioned before, you’re still a small brand and you don’t have a massive budget, to begin with. You must be aware it is going to take you a couple of months to get everything right (Marketing101 again, you need more than one platform to promote your business). But before everything goes live, make sure your products are printed and designed with care. You have to choose a manufacturer that knows what he is doing, that is not going to rip you off and that will deliver products that will last. ( #StoryTime… Gymshark, one of the hottest brand right now, was founded by Ben Francis who was only 19 when he started his brand. He started with selling health supplements then switched to clothing when he realised that the health supplements weren’t working that well. So it takes time, trial and error to get it right.)… So have realistic expectations and be patient!


Put your best work into it.

By this, we mean that no one will want something that is going to look bad and is made poorly. You have to really dig until you strike gold: you probably are familiar with all the different designs and fabrics available on the market and you’re probably right when you think that there isn’t much differentiation. So the focus remains in printing your logo with a technique that is going to achieve the best result. Custom gym wear is all about you standing out from the rest of the competition. It’s not an easy task, but you have to find the best way. At Advance Printwear, we can help you with this: you can request a garment sample in order to compare different fabrics and see which one you want to go for.  We make personalised sportswear accessible for you. We know the process is going to take a lot of time, and you need reliable suppliers in order to have an impeccable process.


Have a strong marketing game

It’s no easy feat taking care of a marketing campaign but you have to do it in order to get your message across. The internet is a big place and you have to know where your target audience hangs out. After you figure out the platforms, you need all the cool stuff that makes your gym wear shine: is it a set of cool pictures? Videos? It’s up to you to do the math and find out what is going to work well with the tone of your brands and style.

Starting an active wear brand is like starting any other business: you need to have the right passion and dedication to overcome the walls that you will inevitably face. Commitment is what makes you stand out and survive. Designing your own sportswear will be a tough challenge no matter what angle you try to see it form but assuming you’re still reading this, we believe you can do it!