YouTubers Merch Ideas: How To Do It Right

by Sep 30, 2019

 If you’re thinking of expanding your authority as a Youtuber, you’re perhaps considering (or should be) diving into the world of YouTube merch, which is a market on its own considering how many YouTubers now use this channel to themselves. After all, anyone who has the intention of becoming famous on YouTube will sooner or later represent “a brand” that people love and adore. People will connect with you through purchasing your merch and will value your brand more this way.

Before diving into the actual topic, you probably know that you need to have an established presence before starting planning and ordering your merchandise. If you’re only got a couple of hundreds of subscribers, you’re better off waiting some more time and increase your subscribers. Once your following number looks decent (we’re talking at least a few thousands), you’re safe to launch your line of merch.

We’ve put some tips together that can help you get started with your YouTube merch plan and how to best maximise the potential of your brand expose.

Does your channel fit?

Think explicitly about your own brand. Be ( or try at least) to be objective. Is your brand worth promoting? Does it inspire other people? Do they really love your content and find it one of the reasons it’s making their days better? Your content will back up your (awesome) brand which means that if your content is unique and people find it useful, then your brand is more likely to be seen as something that your audience can connect with. If you get this right, you’re probably going to notice that our following number goes up and your brand is worth wearing in public.

Some of the most popular types of YouTube channels that offer merch are coming from a certain type of industry. Most of them are either entertainers or commentary YouTubers who have a certain type of humour. The next group of content creators come from the lifestyle side. Think of all the make-up, fitness or *niche* living style YouTubers. Another popular group is, of course, the gamers. Names such as PewDiePie should be already familiar to you.

Branding & Audience Connectivity  

You have to take into account the core values of your brand and content and your actual audience. What’s something really unique or quirky about your brand? Think of logos, designs, slogans, colours, and message and create a synergy between those. Did you have a great video with some awesome quotes? Did you get a reputation for something you’ve said or done on your Channel? What is your trademark?  Turn that into a funny design idea and you’re in for some great results.


Most popular YouTube merch items?


I mean there are so many ideas you can pick from but you need to remember what really works in this industry and how to best capitalize on that. You’ll want the maximum of expose and the minimum cost and perhaps you should be thinking of something practical that your audience is really going to use/wear. Is your following going to wear that in public? Are they going to REALLY use it? Behind every merch, the idea is to both let your fans enjoy it and connect with the core values of your brand and secondly, you want other people to see the merch. So here are some of the most effective YouTube merch ideas that you should be considering to sell.

Clothing remains the biggest thing as you have guessed already. Anything from hoodies and t-shirts will do well. The good part about them is that your audience will wear them in front of many other people and you get the best exposure out of this.

Tote Bags are very practical and they are a great replacement to the nasty plastic bags. Once you make them look cool with your own designs, there’s no going back. They are also cheap and very practical.

Beanies and caps. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Put a great and catchy logo on them and people will love them.

Don’t compromise.

Whatever you’re going after, remember one last thing: don’t compromise. You know how bad things can turn in your merch is not good quality. You can always remember what happens when a popular person decides to launch something and their product is less than ideal. Is anyone following up the drama between the make-up gurus?)

We’re also assuming that you’re good with some of the best t-shirt design tools (premiere, Illustrator) and can handle designing whatever idea ou have in mind. But in case you’re not very good at it, don’t feel ashamed and GO to a pro! After all. If your design ends up looking really bad, no one will want it. It’s an investment in your brand –just like your equipment that you’re using for filming and editing so don’t shy away and talk to a professional designer.

Behind any great creator there is an innovative genius.

If you want to be popular on YouTube, you know you have to be a great innovator. That content you upload should not only be unique, but it has to be someone never created before, so that your audience will find in you someone inspiring and worth following. The trick you should be remembering too is that you’re not alone in this competition and you should be constantly up-dated with all the competitors that you have. This includes what they are selling, how and when. Take a step further and come out with something more ingenious.

Be mindful when promoting it.

Don’t become the annoying YouTube that just exclusively promotes his merch every single minute of his videos. Yes, you need to make the effort to create a great script which you can use to promote your merch in a way that is not repetive and obnoxious. Make a nice announcement eveyr now and then, think of a collaboration between your channel and another one where you can introduce your merch, use social media and of course, wear it yourself! The part that matters is that you’re discreet and not very braggy about it. No one likes desperate YouTubers promoting their merch.


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