We’ve heard a lot of misconceptions about screen-printed clothing since we were founded in 1994. Here’s some of the most common myths – and why they’re far from the truth!

1. Screen Printing is for T-Shirts, and Nothing Else

Though custom-printed T-shirts make up some of our most popular items, it’s possible to create high-quality screen-printed designs on many other types of clothing. Granted, embroidery typically looks best on certain garments, such as polo shirts – but we’ve seen great results by screen printing hoodies, sweatshirts and even babygrows!

2. You Have to Order Screen-Printed Clothing in Bulk

Some printed clothing companies might insist you order hundreds of items before they consider your order. But at Advance Printwear, we’re happy to handle orders ranging from 10 to 10,000 items. So whether you want custom clothing for your stag do, or for next season’s big new design, we can help!

3. You Can’t Get a High-Quality Print On Dark Fabrics

This is an old one. Screen printing techniques come on in leaps and bounds over the last few decades, and we have access to industry-leading technology – not to mention years of experience! Thanks to new inks and processes – and our expertise – you can now get a clear, soft-feeling design on even the darkest fabrics.

4. Screen-Printed Clothes Will Peel or Flake

Again, this misconception has its roots in out-dated beliefs and bad experiences. At Advance Printwear, we use state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that once your garment is printed, it stays printed!

5. Screen Printing is a Long and Laborious Process

Don’t get us wrong. Screen printing takes time, effort and care. But we have more than 20 years’ experience turning round large orders for companies like Selco and Flybe. This means we can typically turn orders round in one week, subject to stock availability – or sometimes much more quickly, if your order is urgent.

Want to find out more about our screen printing services? Call today on 0121 322 2111 – we’d be delighted to help!